Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 Smart Watch

Japanese Watch Company Casio Unveiled their successor to last year’s WSD-F10 watch at this year’s CES. This Smart Watch designed for the Outdoorsman [or women] will run its Apps from the new Android Wear 2.0 operating system.Casio have been taking note of customer feedback from the WSD-F10 to make an even more impressive smart watch with the Pro Trek WSD-F20.

Compliant with Military standards this is a rugged watch that should perform fine in most outdoor situations. It is also water resistant to 50-meters. Even though this watch comes with a built in microphone Casio confirm that it can deal with outdoor scenarios such as water splashing on it while out kayaking or fishing, wet weather conditions or heavy sweat.

The details.

The main selling point of the watch will be its GPS with full color map function. The GPS supports positioning from three different Satellites; US, Japanese and Russian. Even if your smart watch is offline the map can be displayed, you just need to download it in advance.

The watch-face can be displayed in a rich, high-definition color LCD display or in monochrome LCD. Even in direct sunlight the display is easy to see.

The watch-face can also display various setting depending on your choice such as location, traveler, combination, altitude, world time and a number of other displays.

The face is also made of anti-fouling coated glass this stop the touch panel from becoming dirty and also lessen the chance of fingerprint marks as well.

If you are seriously involved in any outdoor activity this should cater to your needs. If you are kayaking, fishing, trekking or involved in snow sports this should be perfect for all of them.

This Casio smart watch monitors outdoor conditions in real-time. As well as being able to follow maps and travel routes it also shows distances traveled, altitude and barometric data.

The watch also comes with a ‘moment setter’ feature that gives you useful information when needed. For instance it will automatically notify you the time the sunrises. It is also useful for pace management and for motivation.

The Tool Button when pressed displays useful outdoor tools such as the altimeter, compass and barometer.

Keeping track of where your friends are is another excellent feature of the Casio Pro Trek as it shows their current location on the map via GPS. You can also use the Text Messaging Feature with supported voice input to communicate at a distance.


Once the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 is released you can expect to pay around $500 for it. So it will be comparative in price to similar high end outdoor watches from brands such as Garmin. This Smart Watch is due to go on sale late April 2017. With its cutting edge Android Wear 2.0 OS you are going to be wearing the most up to date tech but I am sure that there will be plenty of competition from other brands throughout the year so make sure that you do your homework before buying.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

Two years ago, in November of 2015, Canon released the smallest camera with a nice 1-inch sensor – the PowerShot G9X. The camera was a big hit – it utilizes 20.1-megapizen 1” type CMOS sensor and a 3x zoom lens all in compact form that you could easily fit inside of your pocket. Recently, at the CES in Vegas, this Japanese manufacturer announced the Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II, which is an upgrade. This new camera will be using the same lens and sensor, but it will have a faster image processor and numerous new features, all while retaining the same compact form of the predecessor.

It’s Very Compact

Looking at the Canon G9X, it looks identical to its predecessor, which means it maintains the sleek and compact design. The dimensions come out to 3.9 x 1.3 x 1.2 inches and weighs around 7.3 ounces, even with the memory card and battery inserted.

The Rear Display

While it is very compact, this camera doesn’t skip out on a nice rear display. The camera comes equipped with a 3-inch touchscreen LCD display with a total of 1.04 million dots. You won’t be able to tilt the display, because it is fixed, but the fixed design helps keep the camera thin.

On the right side of the display, you’ll find four buttons as well as a thumb grip. The camera doesn’t have any sort of navigational or directional buttons, but this should be okay as you can easily use the touchscreen to navigate the menus. In fact, many people prefer using a touchscreen over buttons.

The Top of the Camera

On top of the camera, you have a shutter release, mode dial, and a rotating switch that you can use in order to control the focal length. There is also a power and playback button. Looking further, the camera also has a cool pop-up built-in flash with a flash release. As for the flash, it has a range of 1.6 feet to 20 feet at the wide focal length and at the telephoto focal length, it has a range of 1.6 feet to 7.9 feet.

Speaking in focal length, that reminds me – the Canon G9X II has a built-in lens with a focal length range between 10.2 to 30.6mm. The 3x zoom lenses maximum aperture is f/2 at 28mm and it narrows to 4/4.9 by 84 mm. On the lens barrel, there’s a ring that can be used in order to control a variety of shooting settings. Using the touchscreen, you can control the ring’s function.

Canon plans to ship this new camera out starting in February – it retails for $530.


If you’re looking for a decent camera at a good price, then the Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II might be a viable option for you. It takes good pictures and is so compact that it can fit in your back pocket.

GoPro Karma

With a large array of drones currently on the market, it makes it hard to pick the best one. The Karma, yet another quadcopter, was recently released and because of the quality of GoPro’s cameras, it’s safe to automatically assume the picture quality is top notch. However, is the GoPro Karma, as a drone, everything you’d expect it to be? Let’s not waste any time in finding out …

Basically, GoPro created an accessory for GoPro cameras – that’s what it is. Don’t get me wrong, if you use the drone on its own, it’s fantastic. However, when you compare it with others that are currently available, you’ll see that it’s missing quite a few key features, but from what I have read, despite those key features being gone, people are still satisfied with the drone because they purchased it as a GoPro camera accessory.

A Nice Bundle

GoPro bundles this product with a nice backpack case, a unique controller and a steady-cam mount. Let’s go back to that controller for a second – when holding the controller, it feels like you’re holding a portable game system …it’s definitely a great controller.

As far as the price goes, at the time of writing this review, without a camera, it sells for $799. If you already have a Hero 4 camera, this is a good buy. If you would like it bundled with a Hero 4 or Hero 5 camera, expect to pay between $999-$1099. With these price points, the Karma is competitive with the DJI Phantom 4 and the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.

GoPro Flying Mount

Long story short, the Karma is a decent drone. Instead of thinking of it as an autonomous aerial vehicle, though, you need to look at it as a flying GoPro mount. It lacks follow-me abilities and collision detection, which just so happen to be the latest features in most drones at this price point.

Great for Beginners

It doesn’t take long to get the GoPro Karma up and running. In only a matter of seconds, you can take the Karma out of its case and launch it into the air. Even if you’re a beginner, and have never flown a drone before, you shouldn’t have a problem with this one. Staying in the air is a piece of cake with this drone and that is something that really stands out from the crowd.

Auto Take-Off

There’s an auto take-off button you can use in order to make things easier on you. However, when you’re ready, you can go full manual. You have flight modes like Cable Cam, Orbit, Dronie, and Reveal that will take care of your complex moves. This way, even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will be able to get some pretty good footage.


Yes, the Karma is missing the Follow Me mode, which helps you run through trees, but this doesn’t take away from the fun! With the GoPro Karma, you can capture some amazing footage and I’m pretty sure that is exactly what GoPro intended with this device.


GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment


Sometimes, a gamer wants to take his gaming experience on the go – sure, there’s handheld consoles, like the 3DS, but what do you do when you don’t feel like saving the princes and you want to battle locusts in Gears of War or take part in a Destiny raid? Not too long ago, I discovered the GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment and since then, I have done quite a bit of research on it. Today, I am here to tell you all about it …

What is the GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment?

GAEMS Vanguard offers a portable screen that has been built into a nice carrying case. It is designed to house a video game console including Xbox One S, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

When it comes to portable gaming, often times, it’s about compromise. Are you looking for a large screen, long battery life, great graphics, a large selection of good games and proper gaming controls? Yes, there’s smartphones and they are definitely portable and the battery life is nice, but their screen sizes aren’t that great and let’s admit it – the selection of games is mediocre and the controls aren’t that great. Then you have the DS – there’s a decent selection of games, it’s portable and has good battery life, but there’s poor graphics and small screens. Don’t forget about the PSP – there’s a good screen and the graphics are better than the DS, but still, it’s pretty limited. So this is where the GAEMS G155 comes into play – it’s not really a gaming platform at all, it has been labeled a “portable gaming enviroment” that has specifically been designed to make it where gamers can take their HD gaming on the go.


  • Built-in 15.5 inch screen
  • Tough plastic carry case
  • Fits Xbox S, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360
  • Built-in pocket for power cables and controllers

This case has adjustable straps, so you can make sure your console stays in place during transit.

Yes, there are other console cases currently on the market and I looked at those as well. I noticed that this one is different in the way it puts a 15.5 LED-lit LCD screen into its lid – it also has stereo speakers and twin headphone jacks, allowing for two different people to listen to the game’s sound at the same time, without having to use the speakers.

What Others Are Saying about This Product

At the time of writing this review, on Amazon, there were a total of 267 reviewers, giving this product 4.4 stars out of a possible 5.0. With phrases such as “this is a great build and the quality is good,” it is apparent that people like this product.

There was a couple of reviewers that complained about it having no disc storage, however, if you buy your games digitally, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal.



The GAEMS Vanguard is a great piece of hardware and for gamers who want to play on the go, it’s handy. If you’re a hardcore gamer with a taste for things like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, and Uncharted, and you want to play them on the go, this would be a good choice.


Amazon Echo

When it comes to the Amazon Echo, looking at the statistics in the United States, I see that it has been a big hit as it has sold over three million units. Now, it has gone on sale in the UK and Germany.

Looking at the you’ll find two key elements – the clous service that runs on top of it and the physical hardware.

A Close Look at the Hardware

The hardware, available in black or white, is solid. Looking at the Echo, it looks a bit like an industrial vase, but when you see the glowing light ring circling around the top, you’ll see that there’s probably something else going on.

When you first take the device out of the box, you’ll have a small setup procedure you will need to do before you start using it. First, you need to download the Echo app on your smartphone or tablet and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Don’t worry though, none of this takes long and is common for smart devices.

There’s no complaints when using the Echo as a speaker as it’s able to deliver crisp sound – this makes it a good choice to use if you want to listen to your playlist. However, on the same note, you won’t be replacing your main sound system if you enjoy loud music. On a plus side, you can turn the volume down or up simply by asking.

All of that is only the beginning of what Echo has to offer – there’s so much more to it.

Have you ever tried to get a computer to understand your voice? Normally, you would need a quiet room with a good microphone. However, the Echo is a bit different as it has been designed to use even in the noisiest environments. It is capable of doing this because it has seven microphones in it – it can identify the microphone that is closest to the speaking voice and amplify it, suppressing the others. That’s right, it is able to zero in on the individual that is talking to it.

You can activate the device by using the word “Alexa.” If you have someone around the house named Alexa, you can also use the word “Amazon” or “Echo.” Unlike the other voice-activated devices available on the market today, you won’t have to teach the Echo to understand your voice – it will understand you from the beginning.

Explaining Alexa

Alexa is similar to other digital assistants, but it’s not just a gimmick, it really is useful. You can set timers by voice, which comes in handy when you are cooking. You can also check the weather through Alexa and so much more.

Right out of the box, the Alexa service will be able to answer a certain set of questions. The voice is smooth and clear when it responds to questions. Sometimes the words can run together and this is the point where you realize you’re really talking to a person. Alexa can sometimes miss the point, but she does have charm.


The Amazon echo is futuristic, but it’s accessible and practical. It has a large array of features and integrations, making it easy to get excited about its potential. Yes, at times, the sound quality may be uneven, but all in all, it’s still a good device that is worth having in your home.

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball 


As technology increases, we are seeing more and more interesting stuff showing up in the marketplace. Recently, I came across the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball and felt that it was so cool that I must tell people about it!

Key Features of the Smart Ball

Connect – Start out by connecting the smart ball with the App on your phone or tablet.

Challenge Your Friends – Now it’s time to challenge your friends! You can either test your skills against professionals or test them against your friends.

Receive Coaching Tips – Get coaching tips and perfect your skill.

Get Instant Feedback – On every kick, this smart ball will give you instant feedback.

With the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball, you will be able to focus on your ability to strike, control and manipulate the soccer ball, making sure your on-pitch skills are at the top. The ball has a unique sensor that lets the user fine-tune their dead-ball kicking technique with instant feedback on trajectory, strike and power.

Integrated Sensor

There’s an integrated sensor inside the ball, which is pretty neat. It is able to detect the spin, speed and light path data and instantly sends the data to the app. The app is compatible with iOS 7 and higher as well as Android 4.3 and higher devices that have Bluetooth capability.

A Look at the App Features

The app gives training tips, kick tips and more. It is also able to capture video with your kick in order to help you perfect your technique. Through power and pro challenges, you will have the opportunity to prove your ability. You can also track your progress and share some of your best kicks with your friends.

The Ball

Looking at the ball, it looks like any other ball as far as its regulation weight and size go. When you receive it, it will require inflation.

Battery Life

The battery life is pretty good, lasting approximately 2,000 kicks. The charging time is around one hour. The package comes with a charging base as well as an AC power plug.

What others are Saying

At the time of writing this review, there was a total of 34 reviews posted on Amazon, giving this product 4.1 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. With phrases such as “my soccer mates love it” and “this has helped me improve my skill,” it is obvious that soccer players enjoy it.

However, I did notice one complaint in regards to the information provided. This, however, shouldn’t be a problem.


Would I recommend this to my friends? If they loved soccer, I definitely would. The Adidas miCoach Smart Ball has everything a soccer player needs (tips, challenges, etc), so it’s definitely recommended.

Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30-Product Review

In Sharp’s flagship line of 4K Ultra HD line, the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 is a standout. Aside from having a huge 70-inch screen display, it also boasts SPECTROS Rich Color Display technology, Smart Central 4.0, and a possible THX 4K certification. It also adopts the Android TV platform, providing access to Google Play and other features.

How Much Is The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30?

The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 is going to be sold for $3,199.99.

Who Would Buy The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30?

For many people, there is no screen big enough to give them an immersive viewing experience. But with the 70-inch screen display of the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30, it is sure to provide a viewing experience unlike any other. Of course, there is also the 80-inch version, but there are those who will deem that to be too much, so they will naturally turn to this one.


Things We Like About The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30

Aside from screen size, the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 certainly has large features.

Although THX certification is still pending as of this writing, it claims to already offer THX 4K-Certified Picture quality. Add to that the SPECTROS Rich Color Display and Revelation Upscaler innovation by Sharp, and you can expect some spectacular picture quality!

Since this is a 4K unit, you can also take advantage of its 4K ultra HD streaming, since it now supports HEVC/h.265 codec.

Aside from that, Sharp also integrated its AquoMotion 960 and AquoDimming technologies in this unit. While other models made use of SmartCentral 3.0 version, the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 has the
one, so it is definitely a major step up!

It comes with a quad core processor and a touchpad remote for better control by viewers. The modern design is maintained by Sharp, making this one aesthetically satisfying unit.

Things We Did Not Like About the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30

To be honest, at this point, we could not find fault with the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30. Check back here for any updates on that front in the future.


There are no official releases or announcements regarding the guarantees and warranties that come with this product.

Is The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 Worth The Money?

It’s huge, it’s high-performance, and it gives you excellent quality! Of course it is worth the money!

Where Can I Buy The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30?

Once released for sale, the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30 will be available in Sharp official stores, as well as retailers and distributors of Sharp products. Consumers can also go online and check out various websites. Amazon is one such site, known for its high trust rating, as well as its competitive prices. You may also avail of its Free Shipping option, since it is attached to some products.

Final Thoughts For The Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30

One thing is for sure: you will never be disappointed with the Sharp 70” Class LC70UH30.

Sony KDL-55W800C-A Product Review

The Sony KDL-55W800C LED HDTV is a Sony Android TV unit that is equipped with an X-Reality PRO picture engine and Motionflow XR 960. It also supports PS3 streaming and allows connectivity to Google Play, increasing content options.

How Much Is The Sony KDL-55W800C?

At the moment, the price for the Sony KDL-55W800C is still unavailable. Check back here for updates.

Who Would Buy The Sony KDL-55W800C?

Sony has remained to be one of the most reliable names when it comes to TV technology, and it has earned quite a lot of loyal fans. Loyal users of Sony products will definitely be looking into purchasing this product, especially with its impressive list of features and specifications that fit their lifestyle and preferences. Gamers, in particular, will find this unit to be a good buy, considering how it allows PS3 streaming.



Things We Like About The Sony KDL-55W800C

The first thing that we love about the Sony KDL-55W800C is the extraordinary clarity and color that it offers. This is mostly thanks to its X-Reality PRO enhancement, further reinforced by Sony’s Motionflow XR 960 technology. This guarantees preciseness in the motion clarity of any video or content rendered on the 55-inch LCD screen.


Android TV is becoming a force of nature when it comes to TV technology, and the Sony KDL-55W800C makes full use of this platform. As such, users of the Sony KDL-55W800C can get ready access to Google Play. This means they can get their hands on a lot of content, such as videos, and apps and games from the Play Store. Google Cast is one feature that you can take advantage of.

Gaming is going to be more enjoyable because the Sony KDL-55W800C allows direct streaming of PS3 games. Yes, it is not just your favorite TV shows and movies that can be streamed in this unit, since you can also do the same with your favorite PS3 games!2

Things We Did Not Like About the Sony KDL-55W800C

All the features of the Sony KDL-55W800C are not yet fully revealed, but we would have liked it even more if it had Wi-Fi connectivity.


Sony covers its products with satisfactory warranties, and the Sony KDL-55W800C will also be attached with limited manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labor.

Is The Sony KDL-55W800C Worth The Money?

The Sony KDL-55W800C LED TV’s price has not yet been released, so it is hard to say for sure if it is worth the money.

Where Can I Buy The Sony KDL-55W800C?

Aside from Sony stores and the official Sony website, electronics stores selling televisions will also have the Sony KDL-55W800C in stock once it is released. Naturally, you can go online and go to sites such as Amazon. Amazon is a particularly good site, since you can also save on shipping as it may be eligible for their free shipping option.

Final Thoughts For The Sony KDL-55W800C

Get smart with your TV! With the Sony KDL-55W800C, you can never go wrong!

Product Review-Sony SRS-X99


The Sony SRS-X99 is one of the newest wireless sound equipment to come out of the Sony power stable. This wireless speaker with Bluetooth capability features seven speakers with 154W power, and is controlled by the application called Songpal.

How Much Is The Sony SRS-X99?

This product is priced by Sony at $699.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony SRS-X99?

When the earlier model, the Sony SRS-X9 was released, it was a hit among audio enthusiasts, but there were also features that they wanted improved. The Sony SRS-X99 seems to be the upgrade of that version. Surely, fans of the predecessor will be more than happy with this upgrade, and will line up for it once it is officially released.


Things We Like About The Sony SRS-X99

Who doesn’t want a speaker that can be controlled wirelessly? The Sony SRS-X99 is designed for wireless functioning, so it can be controlled by using a smartphone or a tablet. That is definitely a convenience that we would not say no to!

Sound quality is not to be balked at, either. The Sony SRS-X99 produces sophisticated sound, thanks to its built-in 154 watts digital amplification. This does not have two or four, or even 5, speakers only. It has seven, all of which have a frequency ranging from 45 Hz to 40 KHz. That promises what could only be described as a satisfying and immersive sound experience.

The quality of audio is further enhanced by its dual passive radiators, as well as its Magnetic Fluid Speaker. Delivery of rich sound is guaranteed by the integration of DSEE HX and ClearAudio+ technology.

Bringing in an added thumbs up is how it allows audio streaming via Bluetooth technology, and how it supports both AAC and aptX codecs. To get more enjoyment, you can even connect to Google Cast and Spotify.

Things We Did Not Like About the Sony SRS-X99

It is still not known at this point if the Sony SRS-X99 has features that are not satisfying or would make users regret buying it. Watch this space for updates.


We are still unaware of the full details of any warranty coverage for the Sony SRS-X99. However, Sony is known to provide such protection for its products and for consumers.


Is The Sony SRS-X99 Worth The Money?

A wireless speaker that can also access Google Cast and other similar features? These alone are enough incentive for us to throw our money Sony’s way so we can get our hands on the Sony SRS-X99!

Where Can I Buy The Sony SRS-X99?

Sony stores and other retailers will be selling the Sony SRS-X99 once it is officially released in the market. If you are looking for a place that guarantees excellent customer service, competitive prices, great deals, and quality product, one website that is highly recommended is Amazon. This product may also be available with Free Shipping when you purchase it from the site.

Final Thoughts For The Sony SRS-X99

These days, there are so many ways to listen to, and enjoy, music, and the Sony SRS-X99 is definitely one of them.

Samsung WAM 6500-Product Review

It looks like Samsung is making a point: that it is a force to reckon with when it comes to audio technology with its latest multi-room speaker, the Samsung WAM 6500 multi-room speaker. Featuring Samsung’s exclusive Ring Radiator technology, this portable unit boasts a 360-degree sound pattern for balanced audio and smooth frequency levels.

How Much Is The Samsung WAM 6500?

There is no word yet on the price of the Samsung WAM 6500 multi-room speaker.

Who Would Buy The Samsung WAM 6500?

There is now an increasing demand for audio products that guarantee an immersive sound experience without having to deal with massive units or devices. The Samsung WAM 6500 comes at an opportune time, boasting Samsung’s sound innovations.


Things We Like About The Samsung WAM 6500

A standout feature of the Samsung WAM 6500 multi-room speaker is Samsung’s proprietary Ring Radiator technology, which essentially blasts sound from the speaker to all directions. This is just like “surround sound”, but much better. As a result, bass and treble sounds are more balanced. The 360-degree sound pattern produced by this unit is an excellent complement to the solid and highly satisfying sound quality that it emits.

While it is true that the Samsung WAM 6500 is labeled as a multi-room speaker, it is still small enough to be portable, so it can be conveniently taken pretty much anywhere and everywhere. It is designed with a handle to facilitate handling, and it also comes with a rechargeable battery – perfect for when you have to be on the go but do not want to be parted from your speaker.

The Samsung WAM 6500 also features the new Samsung Multiroom Android app, which is significantly an improved and better version of the current app in place. The interface is much more user-friendly and, yes, flashy and colorful, without losing any of the functionality that we have come to enjoy from the old app.

Things We Did Not Like About the Samsung WAM 6500

So far, we are loving what we are seeing and reading about the Samsung WAM 6500 multi-room speaker. Once it is released, we will be able to look deeper into its pros and cons.



Samsung is most likely to release the full details of the applicable warranty and guarantees for this product once it is available for sale.

Is The Samsung WAM 6500 Worth The Money?

With the Samsung WAM 6500, it’s like getting two products for the price of one: you have a multi-room speaker for your home, and you also get to enjoy it as a portable speaker! That more than makes it worth buying!

Where Can I Buy The Samsung WAM 6500?

You are sure to find the Samsung WAM 6500 at your favorite audio and electronic retail stores. Of course, it is also going to be available in accredited and legitimate online stores, such as Amazon. It is a particularly good site, since it offers quality products at great prices, coupled with excellent deals, such as Free Shipping and discounts!

Final Thoughts For The Samsung WAM6500

The Samsung WAM 6500 is only one of the many signs that Samsung is bringing it’s A-game when it comes to audio products. It is definitely one to watch out for!

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