When it comes to the Amazon Echo, looking at the statistics in the United States, I see that it has been a big hit as it has sold over three million units. Now, it has gone on sale in the UK and Germany.

Looking at the you’ll find two key elements – the clous service that runs on top of it and the physical hardware.

A Close Look at the Hardware

The hardware, available in black or white, is solid. Looking at the Echo, it looks a bit like an industrial vase, but when you see the glowing light ring circling around the top, you’ll see that there’s probably something else going on.

When you first take the device out of the box, you’ll have a small setup procedure you will need to do before you start using it. First, you need to download the Echo app on your smartphone or tablet and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Don’t worry though, none of this takes long and is common for smart devices.

There’s no complaints when using the Echo as a speaker as it’s able to deliver crisp sound – this makes it a good choice to use if you want to listen to your playlist. However, on the same note, you won’t be replacing your main sound system if you enjoy loud music. On a plus side, you can turn the volume down or up simply by asking.

All of that is only the beginning of what Echo has to offer – there’s so much more to it.

Have you ever tried to get a computer to understand your voice? Normally, you would need a quiet room with a good microphone. However, the Echo is a bit different as it has been designed to use even in the noisiest environments. It is capable of doing this because it has seven microphones in it – it can identify the microphone that is closest to the speaking voice and amplify it, suppressing the others. That’s right, it is able to zero in on the individual that is talking to it.

You can activate the device by using the word “Alexa.” If you have someone around the house named Alexa, you can also use the word “Amazon” or “Echo.” Unlike the other voice-activated devices available on the market today, you won’t have to teach the Echo to understand your voice – it will understand you from the beginning.

Explaining Alexa

Alexa is similar to other digital assistants, but it’s not just a gimmick, it really is useful. You can set timers by voice, which comes in handy when you are cooking. You can also check the weather through Alexa and so much more.

Right out of the box, the Alexa service will be able to answer a certain set of questions. The voice is smooth and clear when it responds to questions. Sometimes the words can run together and this is the point where you realize you’re really talking to a person. Alexa can sometimes miss the point, but she does have charm.


The Amazon echo is futuristic, but it’s accessible and practical. It has a large array of features and integrations, making it easy to get excited about its potential. Yes, at times, the sound quality may be uneven, but all in all, it’s still a good device that is worth having in your home.

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