Product ReviewPanasonic Blu Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT270

The Panasonic Blu Ray DMP-BDT270 is a 3D Blu-ray disc player with a 4K Ultra HD upscaler, built-in Wi-Fi and smartphone mirroring technology using Miracast.


How Much?

Set for release on March 2015, the Panasonic Blu Ray DMP-BDT270 is expected to be sold for $119.00.




Who Would Buy The Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT270?

More and more people would like to experience 3D viewing in their own homes, without going to cinemas and multiplexes. Fortunately, there are now a lot of options to achieve this, and one of them are 3D Blu-ray disc players. Panasonic’s DMP-BDT270 is one of the latest models, featuring the latest technologies such as Miracast for smartphone mirroring, and built-in super Wi-Fi. Those who want to make the most of their 3D viewing experience will definitely take notice of this disc player from Panasonic

Things We Like About The Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT270

We always appreciate Blu-ray disc players that come with the capability to convert 2D picture quality to 3D. If it is able to up-convert Blu-ray to quality that is equivalent to 4K Ultra High Definition, then it’s definitely even better. The Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT270 does exactly those things, and beautifully too.

Since it already has Wi-Fi connectivity built into it, viewers will be able to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows, as well as sports shows, games, and various multimedia formats, using this Blu-ray disc player.

Being able to mirror the screens of smartphones on larger TV displays is also something that is now appreciated by many. Panasonic integrated Miracast technology in the design of the DMP-BDT270, which means the content appearing on your smartphones are also viewable on TV screens. It’s not limited to smartphones, though, since tablets may also be mirrored in the same way.

Things We Did Not Like About The Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT270

We have yet to see anything that we dislike about the Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT270.



Panasonic has not yet made any official announcements regarding the applicable warranties or guarantees, if any, of this product.



Is DMP-BDT270 Worth The Money?

Some may think that it is quite pricey since it is more than $100. However, when you take into account the various features and capabilities incorporated into its overall design, then it is well worth the expense.


Where Can I Buy This Blu Ray Disc Player?

You are likely to find the Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT270, once it is released, available for purchase in official Panasonic stores, as well as authorized distributors. Online retailers will also have them on stock. One such online store, Amazon, is going to be on the forefront and, with their Free Shipping program, buyers willbe able to save more on shipping and handling.

Final Thoughts For The Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT270

Clearly, the Panasonic Blu Ray Disc Player DMP-BDT270 is a worthy addition to any discerning viewer’s “entertainment arsenal”.