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Sony RM-LVR2-Product Review

The perfect tool to fully control your Sony Action Cam – whether it is the FDR-X1000V or the HDR-AS200V) is the Sony RM-LVR2, the new Live View Remote from Sony. It can control up to 5 cameras simultaneously and is waterproof down to a depth of 10 ft, making it your reliable companion on your action-packed adventures – on land, on air, or in the water.


How Much Is The Sony RM-LVR2?

The price of the Sony RM-LVR2 live view remote control is $149.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony RM-LVR2?

Adventurous individuals would like to take photos of their adventures and challenges, so they bring an action cam with them. However, sometimes they need more than a little help, especially when they want to operate it in a more hassle-free manner. That is where a remote control comes in. But the Sony RM-LVR2 is not just your usual remote control, since it offers more functionalities so taking photos while in action will be easy, snappy, and painless!


Things We Like About The Sony RM-LVR2

Anything that makes operating an action cam – and from your wrist, no less! – gets a lot of props from us. The Sony RM-LVR2 allows you to control your Action Cam using Wi-Fi, so you do not have to worry about how you would be able to take those precious shots while in the middle of an action-packed adventure.

The Sony RM-LVR2 is clearly made for tough users, since it is designed to be shock proof and meant for use in rugged conditions. Water sports enthusiasts will also love this because of how waterproof it is.

It has a very easy to use interface, presented in a color LCD screen, where you can view and control your Action camera from. It is easy to operate since the buttons are large enough. It is light and very handy, so you cannot be blamed if you forget you have it wrapped around your wrist!

Things We Did Not Like About the Sony RM-LVR2

At the moment, we cannot think of anything to dislike about this Live View Remote from Sony.


Product support for this device in terms of guarantee and warranty is provided by Sony, although the full details are not fully disclosed.

Is The Sony RM-LVR2 Worth The Money?

Once you have tried using the Sony RM-LVR2 with your Action Cam, you probably would not think about going anywhere without this live view remote with you. It is definitely one purchase you will not regret!

Where Can I Buy The Sony RM-LVR2?

The Sony RM-LVR2 will be available in stores where Sony action cams and accessories are sold. Of course, you will also find them in legitimate online stores and retailers. Amazon is a good site you should definitely check out, especially if you are on the lookout for deals and promos. Their free shipping is also a good program that you can avail of when making your purchase.


Final Thoughts For The Sony RM-LVR2

The Sony RM-LVR2 is one accessory that you – and your Sony Action cam – will not be able to live without!

Samsung Xpress M2020W-Product Review

The Samsung Xpress M2020W makes printing with your mobile device a breeze, with its wireless capability and NFC technology. It’s fast, it’s easy to set up, and it’s built to last!

How Much Is The Samsung Xpress M2020W?

The suggested retail price of the Samsung Xpress M2020W is $185.00, but if you are smart (and know where to look), you could even get it for less!

Who Would Buy The Samsung Xpress M2020W?

Busy individuals would prefer to be able to print on the go, without having to deal with complicated set ups or connecting this cable to that plug, or access this application by connecting to this or that network. It’s a good thing manufacturers are now finding ways to make smartphones work for users, particularly when it comes to sharing and printing data and other files. The Samsung Xpress M2020W is a very good example of that.


Things We Like About The Samsung Xpress M2020W

The mere fact that this unit allows printing with the use of a mobile device already makes it a winner. The Samsung Xpress M2020W can share and print by simply tapping your mobile device to the printer to establish a direct wireless connection, and making use of the Samsung Mobile Print App. This is thanks to the advanced NFC technology that Samsung has incorporated into its operational design.

We would also like to laud Samsung for its very user-friendly Samsung Mobile Print App. Its functionalities certainly make everyone’s life easier. Aside from printing, it also comes with a full suite of Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

Compatibility is not going to be a problem, since the mobile print app works for Apple mobile devices, Android-based devices, and even Windows Phone.

To make sure that you would be able to print from practically anywhere, at any time, the Samsung Xpress M2020W also supports Google Cloud Print, which users need only enable using their smartphone, laptops, desktop computers, and other similar devices.

Of course, we also like how fast this unit works, cleanly and clearly printing an average of 21 pages per minute. As for the price, it is safe to say that this is one of the cheaper mini-laser printers available today.


Things We Did Not Like About the Samsung Xpress M2020W

While the unit itself is affordable, the cost of the replacement toner cartridges is a bit steep. In fact, they are almost the price of the printer itself.


The Samsung Xpress M2020W is covered with a limited warranty of 12 months for both parts and labor.

Is The Samsung Xpress M2020W Worth The Money?

The Samsung Xpress M2020W is the perfect laser printer for anyone who is on a strict budget. With its excellent performance, it is clear that this is a great buy!

Where Can I Buy The Samsung Xpress M2020W?

Samsung will definitely have this unit in its stores, as well as other accredited retailers. Online stores also have this in stock, but one of the most recommended sites is Amazon. Amazon has been known to sell products at great discounts, and even tack on additional perks such as Free Shipping.

Final Thoughts For The Samsung Xpress M2020W

It may be hard to believe that something so small could be such a good performer, but the Samsung Xpress M2020W is proof of that!

Powerbot VR9000-Product Review

 Powerbot VR9000

Adding more units to its range of household electronic products, Samsung has now unveiled a robot vacuum cleaner with Powerbot VR9000. With a cleaning speed at 0.32 m/sec, the Powerbot VR9000 is 60 times more powerful than the average vacuum cleaners. It has a charging time of 160 minutes and a battery life of approximately 60 minutes. It has 10 complex sensors and a camera mounted on the front. The Powerbot VR9000’s dust capacity is 0.7 liters while the width of its brush is 311 mm.


How Much?

The price of Powerbot VR9000 is not available at this time.

Who Would Buy This?

People who love to get the cleaning done faster than the average would love to have the Powerbot VR9000. Likewise, for those who wanted to do other stuff while cleaning will also love this product. The Powerbot VR9000 can clean the room by itself. So, you can do other stuff while the Powerbot VR9000 does its job.

Things We Like

Equipped with the Samsung Inverter Technology, the Powerbot VR9000 is a cleaner that can suck up dirt 60 times more than conventional robot vacuums. Moreover, the Powerbot VR9000 has the CycloneForce technology that can lessens the chance of filter clogging over time. Clogging might lead to severe damages. The enlarged drum brush and side brushes of Powerbot VR9000 will let you clean annoying corners faster and easier. The Powerbot VR9000 has about 10 sensors including the FullView sensors to memorize, navigate and find obstacles in a room; letting you leave this robot vacuum to clean the area while you do other stuff. It does have a remote control so you don’t need to go to the product and make necessary adjustments in the settings of the Powerbot VR9000. It is pretty good in cleaning up dust and fibers on carpets too.


Things We Don’t Like

The Powerbot VR9000 is heavy so it might be a quite a hassle if you transfer the vacuum from one place to another. It doesn’t have the capacity to clean the stairs yet. Moreover, the Powerbot VR9000 keeps on cleaning even if the drum is already full. Apart from being heavy, the Powerbot VR9000 is quite loud with a noise level at 76dBA.


The brand name itself is a guarantee that this powerful robot vacuum will be a good addition in your household appliances.

Is It Worth The Money?

For a robot vacuum that can be controlled remotely and can do the job on its own is definitely worth the money.

Where Can I Buy?

The Powerbot VR9000 is available at any official Samsung store. Also, you can get them at different accredited retailers worldwide. For the best deals, be sure to check the product listings on Amazon.


Final Thoughts

The Powerbot VR9000 will definitely lessen the load of cleaning an entire area. With its capacity to the job on its own and can be controlled remotely is a great feature that every household will enjoy. Powerful sucking technology and fast cleaning ability, what else will you ask for? Go and check the Powerbot VR9000 now!


Sony Experia (SGP612) Z3 Tablet-Product review

Product review – Sony Experia (SGP612) Z3 Tablet

Sony, with its long standing reputation for top-of-the-line gadgets, now boasts a Sony Experia Z3 (SGP612) Tablet Compact with an 8-inch multi-touch screen. Powered by the Triluminous™ display for mobile, the Sony SGP612 Tablet is capable of displaying up to 16.7 million colors. It is built on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) operating system with a Qualcom® Snapdragon™ 2.5 GHz quad-core processor. It also has 32 gigabytes (GB) of storage capacity with an internal battery capable of storing 4500 mAh, which is estimated to run for an average of 8 hours. The tablet is slim and very light at 270g. The SGP612 tablet is also water resistant and dust proof.

How Much?

Sony Experia Z3 (SGP612) Tablet is priced at $422.17-$500 at Amazon





Who Would Buy This?

For people on the go who wants a portable, easy–to-use tablet with a great camera, this one’s perfect. This is also perfect for a traveller who needs a compact and slim tablet. Also for gamers who wants a portable screen for their Play Station 4, which is something that is not commonly found on other Android tablets.

Things We Like

• It’s slim (6.4mm thick to be exact) and narrow enough to fit in the backpocket of your jeans for convenience.

• You can hold it one hand for comfortability.

• Screen resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels) is amazing for watching movies when you’re stuck in the airport waiting for your flight.

• Suitable for web-browsing and e-book reading

• The design is sleek, attractive, relevant and neat.

• It is waterproof so no worries for spillage.

• Its processor makes all tasks like a walk in the park, easy and simple.









Things We Don’t Like

Sony has bundled a whole lot of extras which some are unnecessary and can take space in the tablet’s storage capacity. Fortunately, you can get rid of them and make a clean slate.


Sony offers a Protection Plus for their Android tablets wherein you can choose various service plans to insure your gadget from accidental drops, water damage, surege protection and technical problems.


Is It Worth The Money?

The Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (SGP612) is in step in most other ways with the rest of the best year’s tablets. The waterproof feature alone is one of the sure signs that it is worth your money at $422.17. Sleek, portable, user-friendly and you throw in the PS4 second screen feature for gamers out there; I say that’s enough reason to buy.

Where Can I Buy?

You can buy the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact in all Sony Stores as well as online sellers and trusted retailers. For great deals and discounts, Amazon is the best place to go.

Final Thoughts

With almost all of your friends and family on the internet today, connecting online is almost an essential. Not to mention applications that can help you bat boredom anytime. A tablet with great features, worth your time and money, I say the Sony Xperia Z3 tablet compact is a sure win.

Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV Review

Product ReviewSony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV

The XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV is one of the latest releases from Sony in its bid to come up with the thinnest TV so far. Based on Google’s Android TV platform, it features a 55-inch display that supports 4K Ultra HD resolution and Motionflow XR960, and other functions such as Voice search and Google Cast.7

How Much?

Sony has not yet released any information on how much the XBR-55X900C is expected to be sold for.

Who Would Buy The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV

Android TV seems to be one of the latest trends in television, and those who are always on the lookout for advanced options in their TV viewing and enjoyment are sure to get in on the bandwagon. Fans of the Android platform will definitely love how they can take advantage of their favorite features and apps using a high quality TV and not just in their hand-held gadgets and devices.

Things We Like About The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV

4These days, it seems “the thinner, the better” is becoming the mantra when it comes to the next generation televisions. We all loved our flat screens, and if we can have a unit that is even slimmer, it’s sure to pique our curiosity.

The Sony XBR-55X900C is supposedly even thinner than when three coins are stacked together. Now that is pretty impressive! Enjoy the images and pictures without the bezel, thanks to its ultra-slim floating style.

The best part is how picture quality is not affected by this thinness. It still features the brilliant TRILUMINOS display, which allows us to watch our favorite shows as they are rendered in brilliant, vivid color.

Similarly, it also has another one of Sony’s signature features, the Motionflow XR 960, which provides motion clarity, so what you see on the screen is more realistic and life-like than ever.

Since it is based on the Android TV platform, we can take advantage of many features that can only be enjoyed using Android. For example, you can fully put the Voice Search feature to use. Google Cast is also available, and you can access your favorite apps through your TV screen just by logging into the Google Play Store. It’s pretty convenient, and even increases the amount of content you can enjoy in your TV.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV

At this point, it’s still hard to say if the XBR-55X900C has any bad features, or if the ultra-slimness also has a downside.


Sony is sure to cover this product with appropriate guarantees, but they have not yet officially released any information.

Is The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV Worth The Money?

From what little information we know so far about the XBR-55X900C, it looks like it is going to be one investment worth making.

Where Can I Buy The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV

Sony stores and distributors, as well as online retailers, will definitely have the XBR-55X900C 4K HD TV available for sale once it is released. Amazon is also bound to keep it in stock, and will even give customers a chance to score their unit while availing of their Free Shipping program.


Final Thoughts For The Sony XBR-55X900C 4K Ultra HD TV

Although it is still too early to tell whether the Sony XBR-55X900C is going to be the world’s slimmest TV, it does look promising, and is sure to deliver viewing pleasure unlike any other!