Sony RM-LVR2-Product Review

The perfect tool to fully control your Sony Action Cam – whether it is the FDR-X1000V or the HDR-AS200V) is the Sony RM-LVR2, the new Live View Remote from Sony. It can control up to 5 cameras simultaneously and is waterproof down to a depth of 10 ft, making it your reliable companion on your action-packed adventures – on land, on air, or in the water.


How Much Is The Sony RM-LVR2?

The price of the Sony RM-LVR2 live view remote control is $149.99.

Who Would Buy The Sony RM-LVR2?

Adventurous individuals would like to take photos of their adventures and challenges, so they bring an action cam with them. However, sometimes they need more than a little help, especially when they want to operate it in a more hassle-free manner. That is where a remote control comes in. But the Sony RM-LVR2 is not just your usual remote control, since it offers more functionalities so taking photos while in action will be easy, snappy, and painless!


Things We Like About The Sony RM-LVR2

Anything that makes operating an action cam – and from your wrist, no less! – gets a lot of props from us. The Sony RM-LVR2 allows you to control your Action Cam using Wi-Fi, so you do not have to worry about how you would be able to take those precious shots while in the middle of an action-packed adventure.

The Sony RM-LVR2 is clearly made for tough users, since it is designed to be shock proof and meant for use in rugged conditions. Water sports enthusiasts will also love this because of how waterproof it is.

It has a very easy to use interface, presented in a color LCD screen, where you can view and control your Action camera from. It is easy to operate since the buttons are large enough. It is light and very handy, so you cannot be blamed if you forget you have it wrapped around your wrist!

Things We Did Not Like About the Sony RM-LVR2

At the moment, we cannot think of anything to dislike about this Live View Remote from Sony.


Product support for this device in terms of guarantee and warranty is provided by Sony, although the full details are not fully disclosed.

Is The Sony RM-LVR2 Worth The Money?

Once you have tried using the Sony RM-LVR2 with your Action Cam, you probably would not think about going anywhere without this live view remote with you. It is definitely one purchase you will not regret!

Where Can I Buy The Sony RM-LVR2?

The Sony RM-LVR2 will be available in stores where Sony action cams and accessories are sold. Of course, you will also find them in legitimate online stores and retailers. Amazon is a good site you should definitely check out, especially if you are on the lookout for deals and promos. Their free shipping is also a good program that you can avail of when making your purchase.


Final Thoughts For The Sony RM-LVR2

The Sony RM-LVR2 is one accessory that you – and your Sony Action cam – will not be able to live without!

Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone-Product Review

Sony’s offering, the MDR-1ABT, is proving to be quite a threat to other headphones in its class and category. This wireless headphone features Near Field Communication and Bluetooth 4.0 for easy connectivity. To add to users’ convenience, it even has a built-in touch sensor on the right earcup.

How Much Is The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone?

The latest wireless headphone set in the MDR lineup has a suggested retail price of $399.99.


Who Would Buy The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone?

Headphones are now looking better and better, and so are its functions and features. In the past, it is rare to find a set that combines very good aesthetics with decent audio quality. Those who are looking for this combination will definitely find the Sony MDR-1ABT to be exactly what they have been waiting for. No doubt they’ll be lining up for this Sony contraption.


Things We Like About The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone

At first glance, the Sony MDR-1ABT may look bulky. But that impression would fade soon enough once you realize how plush and comfortable it is, not to mention good looking. The padding is thick and soft, and the earcups have enough space for comfort, even during prolonged periods of usage.

And we already mentioned the built-in touch controls on the right earcup, haven’t we? That is definitely an added plus. No more lengthy tweaks to get the audio quality or action you want. Just swipe up or down to increase or lower volume. Swipe to the right to replay the track, or to the left to skip to the next one. Fuss-free and effortless!

What we like best about the Sony MDR-1ABT, however, would be its wireless capabilities. The NFC technology certainly added to the functionality of this unit, allowing its use without the need for cables.

Things We Did Not Like About the Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone

The bulky size of the Sony MDR-1ABT may be off-putting for some.


There are no official releases yet regarding the guarantees and the applicable warranty terms for this product.

Is The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone Worth The Money?

It definitely looks like a great deal: great sound quality in a great looking unit, which guarantees easy and fun listening, thanks to its wireless capabilities and touch controls. It is one investment you won’t regret making!

Where Can I Buy The `Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone?

Sony always has its products on its stores once they are released. You may also check out other retailers that are authorized to distribute authentic Sony products. If you prefer to do your shopping online, the best place to do your purchase is at They offer competitive pricing and high quality products, with excellent customer service. They also have promos running for the benefit of customers, and one of them is Free Shipping, which will save you more than a few dollars.


Final Thoughts For The Sony MDR-1ABT Wireless Headphone

Sony proves its one of the audio leaders in the industry, and the Son+++++y MDR-1ABT is a clear proof of that!



Myo Gesture Control Armband-A Product Review

The Myo Gesture Control Armband brings tech users a little bit closer to being more in control. Designed to detect hand gestures to wirelessly control tech – all with just a flick of the wrist – it allows users to be more in control with various applications, and even create their own

You may now purchase the Myo Gesture Control Armband for only $199.99.

Who Would Buy The Myo Gesture Control Armband?

In this day and age where everything seems to be operated touch free, we are always open to new innovations, and the Myo Gesture Control Armband is one of them. This armband is designed to make things easier and definitely more convenient for tech users, whether they are playing games, piloting drones, or creating scripts and applications.




Things We Like About The Myo Gesture Control Armband

One of the worries of many users of this type of product is the sizing. Fortunately, the Myo Gesture Control Armband does away with that concern by coming in a one-size-fits-all design. This is by making the arm size expandable, so even a 12-year-old can use it with ease and security. At only 93 grams, it is also very light, so it is not as cumbersome as one would expect.

The 8 sensors are made of medical grade stainless steel EMG and, combined with an ARM Cortex M4 Processor, you are guaranteed ultra-reliable performance. It also contains a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis magnetometer. With these, you already have a multi-functional armband in your hands – literally and figuratively!

It also comes with dual indicator LEDs to make things easier, and the haptic feedback mechanism emits short, medium and long vibrations, so you are certain not to miss anything.

As for its battery life, expect to get one full day use out of the armband before you have to recharge it.


Things We Did Not Like About The Myo Gesture Control Armband

Gesture recognition of this armband is impressive, although there are sweeping motions or gestures that take a while to be recognized. Still, that does not take away from the highly satisfactory performance of this tool.


The manufacturers and developers of this product offers a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase of the armband.

Is The Myo Gesture Control Armband Worth The Money?

As we rely more and more on wearable technology, we look for products that are worth throwing our money at, and the Myo Gesture Control Armband is definitely one of them.

Where Can I Buy The Myo Gesture Control Armband?

The Myo Gesture Control Armband may be ordered directly from the manufacturer through their website, or you could purchase it at Amazon. Amazon is a great site to shop these products from, since their pricing is competitive, and you may also take advantage of their various programs and promotional offers, such as Free Shipping.

Final Thoughts For The Myo Gesture Control Armband

Wearable technology is now synonymous with freedom and control, and the Myo Gesture Control Armband ensures that you get both!

Sony KDL-55W850C-Product Review

One of the stars of Sony’s latest 4K Ultra HD TV line is the Sony KDL-55W850C, a 55-inch LED Smart TV equipped with Sony’s X-Reality PRO video engine and Google’s Android TV operating system.

How Much Is The Sony KDL-55W850C?

Pricing information on the Sony KDL-55W850C has not yet been released. Watch this space for updates once it comes out.


Who Would Buy The Sony KDL-55W850C?

It is a fact that, attractive though the prospect is, 4K is not something that would be wanted by everyone. There are simply many people who are still not willing to pay for 4K UHD resolution in their TVs. However, they would still want the reliability that Sony’s processing system and technology has been known for. That is where the Sony KDL-55W850C comes in.

Things We Like About The Sony KDL-55W850C

We actually like the size of this LED TV from Sony. At 55 inches, it hits the mark between “too big” and “too small”. The picture quality rendered on the 1080p HD LED screen also does not disappoint. It has 14 picture modes that viewers can choose from to maximize their viewing experience. HD viewing is still on point, which does not come as a surprise, really. This is, after all, a Sony product.

It also features Sony’s Motionflow XR 960 setting, so motion clarity is precise. That certainly helps when watching sports shows and programs packed with a lot of action and movement.

The Android TV platform also opens up a whole world of content. Avid gamers can also take advantage of its streaming capabilities, so they can play their favorite games directly on their TV. Of course, other features made available in this unit include Google Cast, Voice Search, YouTube, and Google apps, games and other content from Google Play.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sony KDL-55W850C

Perhaps we have already been spoiled by Sony integrating the features Triluminous Display and Dynamic Range in its TVs. They are not present in this unit, which could be quite off-putting at first, especially when you are used to having these features in your Sony television.


Sony has not yet released any details on its warranty terms for the Sony KDL-55W850Ccheck-latest-price.

Is The Sony KDL-55W850C Worth The Money?

Seeing as Sony has not yet made any announcements regarding the possible selling price of the KDL-55W850C once it comes out, we still could not say conclusively whether or not it is worthwhile.

Where Can I Buy The Sony KDL-55W850C?

You are sure to find the Sony KDL-55W850C in Sony’s stores once it is made available to the public. Other electronic stores and retailers are also good bets. One of the best bets, however, would be the online store Amazon. Here, you may find it offered at a great price, coupled with other deals. Free Shipping is one advantageous feature that you should look out for.

Final Thoughts For The Sony KDL-55W850C

We all look forward to when this value offering from Sony is finally unveiled. The Sony KDL-55W850C definitely makes it to our list of TVs-to-watch-out-for!

Samsung Portable SSD T1-Product Review


Everyone wants to be organized but streamlined, and portability is the answer. The Samsung Portable SSD T1 provides a convenient solution to problems on file organization, making data available to users at any time, anywhere, in a compact and stylish SSD. It comes in storage capacities of 250GB, 500GB and 1TB.

How Much Is The Samsung Portable SSD T1?

The T1, which comes in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB units, costs $179.00, $299.00, and $599, respectively.

Who Would Buy The Samsung Portable SSD T1?

It’s the information age, and we all want data and information to be on hand at all times. Professionals and students alike will definitely find the Portable SSD T1 a very handy partner to have. It is perfect for individuals who are always on the go and do not want to be bothered with bulky external hard drives. It’s a good thing the T1 is super tiny, but delivers in terms of speed and performance. And since it comes in 3 different storage capacities, users get to choose the unit most suited for their needs and preferences.






Things We Like About The Samsung Portable SSD T1

We cannot help but be impressed by the size of this one-of-a-kind SSD. This portable drive from Samsung is only slightly bigger than your regular thumbdrive. Therefore, you can simply drop it in one of your pockets and forget that it is there. Until, of course, you need the data contained in it.

Another feature that makes the T1 SSD stand out in its class is how it supports data encryption. When others are limited to only either Mac or Windows, this unit works with both operating systems. Of course, there is a need to set things up before it would work with Mac, but it does not take long at all.

The T1 is designed with V-NAND technology. That, in itself, is already an assurance that you will get powerful and reliable performance from this SSD.

Things We Did Not Like About The Samsung Portable SSD T1

Unfortunately, compared to other portable drives, the Portable SSD T1 is expensive. It is covered by warranty, but the period is only for three years. In our opinion, it should be longer.


Samsung offers limited warranty on the Portable SSD T1 for a period of three years.

Is The Samsung Portable SSD T1 Worth The Money?

These days, you will be hard-pressed to find a portable SSD that supports data encryption and Mac and Windows compatibility. Plus, it is tiny and handy. For that, we are willing to overlook the price tag.


Where Can I Buy The Samsung Portable SSD T1?

Stores selling portable hard drives and similar accessories a


re sure to have the Portable SSD T1 available. You may also head over to Amazon, a site known for its affordable prices and great deals. This may also qualify for Free Shipping, saving you on transportation and handling costs.

Final Thoughts For The Samsung Portable SSD T1

Who would have thought something so small could be so powerful? The Samsung Portable SSD T1 is likely the only thing you will ever need for all your personal and professional data!

Sony HDR-PJ440-Product Review

The Sony HDR-PJ440 is not your ordinary handycam, since it comes with a built-in projector and integrated image stabilization system. It features an Exmor R CMOS sensor and a Zeiss 30x Optical Zoom Lens. On top of that, it also comes with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC-enabled.

How Much Is The Sony HDR-PJ440?

This camcorder, complete with an 8GB internal memory, has a price of $399.99.



Who Would Buy The Sony HDR-PJ440?

You’ve seen them before: they buy a camcorder, and then purchase a projector separately. That is what this unit effectively does away with, since you will get two functionalities in one package. This will definitely save a lot of money, not to mention space as well as effort when this camcorder has to be carried around.

Things We Like About The Sony HDR-PJ440

These days, there are already numerous camcorders that are capable of recording full HD 1920×1080 quality videos. However, not all of them provide results as stunning and satisfying as the Sony HDR-PJ440.

The 9.2-megapixel Exmor R CMOS Sensor ensures that the full HD 1920×1080 video captured is of the highest quality. Blurring is not an issue, thanks to its Optical SteadyShot image stabilization capability. And if you are taking a video of something that is far, the 30x Optical and 60x Clear Image Zoom function will work just as nicely.

Another thing that makes it great buy is the projector built into it. There is no longer a need to buy a separate projector if you get this one.

One issue users often have with their camcorders is connectivity. The Sony HDR-PJ440 easily solves that by not only having built-in Wi-Fi but also supporting NFC compatible devices. This means transferring data and backing them up will be easier because you have two options to choose from: wireless connectivity or by using NFC technology.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sony HDR-PJ440

This unit comes with a 2.7-inch LCD display. While we have no complaints with the quality, since the Clear Photo LCD display renders the videos with great detail and clarity, there are some who would have preferred a bigger screen. Say, a 3-inch one?


The Sony HDR-PJ440 comes with Sony’s limited warranty. It covers 1 year warranty for parts and 90 days for labor.

Is The Sony HDR-PJ440 Worth The Money?

With the Sony HDR-PJ440, you are practically getting two devices for the price of one, and without the extra bulk! That alone makes it worth the money.


Where Can I Buy The Sony HDR-PJ440?

Currently, this product is available at official Sony stores, as well as accredited retailers – both online and brick-and-mortar stores. You may also check out Amazon, one of the prime online stores that hold this product, and get the chance to score your very own Sony HDR-PJ440 and have it delivered for free to your doorstep, thanks to Amazon’s Free Shipping.



Final Thoughts For The Sony HDR-PJ440

It’s not every day that you come across an excellent product that gives you the most bang for your buck. In the case of the Sony HDR-PJ440, this is one purchase that you surely will not regret.


Sony KDL-65W850C-Product Review

Look past the 65-inch LED screen of the Sony KDL-65W850C and you will immediately realize that you have something special in this elegant and sleek-looking HDTV from Sony’s latest line of TV offerings.

How Much Is The Sony KDL-65W850C?

Pricing information on this particular product has not yet been released by Sony as of this writing.

Who Would Buy The Sony KDL-65W850C?

While it is true that the latest trend in TV technology seems to be 4K, not everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon. However, they expect high quality and high degree of reliability from their unit, even if it does not have 4K technology attached to it. That is why they are likely to turn to the Sony KDL-65W850C. Its features more than make up for the fact that it does not have 4K.

Things We Like About The Sony KDL-65W850C

For starters, this is an Android TV, so we are sure to enjoy the benefits of the Android platform. One of these benefits is Google Cast and access to apps available in the Google Play Store. Of course, we can also make full use of the Voice Search feature using the Sony KDL-65W850C.

The 65-inch display of this product is slim enough for those who are conscious about space or would like something that is not too bulky as to take up too much floor or wall space. It also features an aluminum finish that makes it attractive in any setting.

Naturally, we also pay attention to the clarity and brilliance of the image displayed on the LED screen. Thanks to Sony’s X-Reality PRO enhancement technology, clarity is never going to be a problem. This is reinforced further by Sony’s Motionflow XR 960, which takes care of motion clarity.

The colors are also rendered in a bright and vivid manner, so viewing is even more of a fun and extraordinary experience.

Case in point: streaming can be a hit or miss when it comes to clarity but, with the Sony KDL-65W850C, videos streamed online are rendered in excellent detail and stunning quality when displayed on the 65-inch screen.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sony KDL-65W850C

So far, we are loving this product, and the size of the screen is also just right.


Sony will definitely provide the necessary warranties for this product, although no clear announcements on the details have been released just yet.

Is The Sony KDL-65W850C Worth The Money?


Considering the fact that the price has not yet been announced, we cannot say for sure if it is worth the money. But Sony markets this as one of their more affordable models, so that sounds promising.

Where Can I Buy The Sony KDL-65W850C?

You will find this product in Sony stores as well as accredited retail stores once it is available in the market. Of course, you can also check out sites such as Amazon, where you may also avail of their Free Shipping and other promos.

Final Thoughts For The Sony KDL-65W850C

For extraordinary clarity and color from a solid-performing Android TV, we definitely have a major player in the Sony KDL-65W850C.



The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System is a do-it-yourself home monitoring and control kit that comes with a cordless handset, window and door sensors, and a motion sensor.

How Much Is The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System?

This monitoring and control kit has a price of $249.95.

Who Would Buy The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System?

Home security is becoming one of the aspects of home maintenance that people are willing to spend money on. They invest on expensive equipment to strengthen the security of their homes and to keep their family safe and sound. However, not everyone has pockets deep enough to be able to afford the high-end and ultra-expensive units, so they look for cheaper but just as effective alternatives. The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System is one of them.



Things We Like About The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System

This kit has all the basics you will need in a monitoring and control kit. The handset is cordless, making it more convenient to handle. No wires or cords to impede movements or cause clutter. The motion sensor is designed for use in interior rooms or enclosed spaces. In the event that doors and windows are opened, sensors will also provide notifications about it.

Aside from receiving alerts or alarms, the cordless handset is also used to arm or disarm the system. That means there is no need for a separate remote to do that.

Another component of this kit is the Smart Plug and Hub unit, which comes in handy because it automatically turns on (and off) lamps, lighting fixtures, and other electronics. This prevents instances of accidental fire, and will also help you save up on power consumption.

To add to the convenience factor, if the handset is not within reach, alerts can be received on your smartphone or tablet, as long as you set the right configurations for it. You may also choose to use your smartphone or tablet to arm or disarm the system, instead of the handset.

Another good thing about this product is how it can be easily synced with a Wi-Fi router. With just one touch, it is also easily connected to your smartphone or tablet, provided they are compatible.

Things We Did Not Like About The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System

We are definitely liking what we are seeing with this kit. It would have been better if they had more than two window/door sensors, though.


Knowing Panasonic, they have the appropriate guarantee and warranty terms drawn up for this product, although there are no official releases about it just yet.

Is The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System Worth The Money?

Nowadays, it is difficult to find reliable home monitoring systems under $300. The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System is definitely a very good deal, since it performs up to expectations without breaking the bank.

Where Can I Buy The Panasonic KX-HN6003W5 Home Monitoring System?

You will find the Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System in stores selling authentic Panasonic products. If you prefer to purchase online, Amazon is a good place to check out. They have competitive prices, and they also allow buyers to save more money through their various promos. One of them is their Free Shipping program.



Final Thoughts For The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System

Investing in a home monitoring system is now a necessity, and with the Panasonic KX-HN6003W Home Monitoring System, you are sure that you are investing very well!


Sony STR-DN1060-Product Review

The Sony STR-DN1060 is a 7.2-channel high-resolution Wi-Fi network A/V receiver for home theater systems that boasts Sony’s exclusive multi-room streaming system and provides support for 4K content playback and various automation capabilities.

How Much Is The Sony STR-DN1060?

The pricing for the Sony STR-DN1060 is still unavailable at the moment. As it nears its release date sometime close to the middle of the year, Sony is bound to make an announcement on how much it will be sold for.

Who Would Buy The Sony STR-DN1060?

This Sony product functions as an AV receiver, a digital player, and a network player. The fact that it is multifunctional already makes it attractive to many users who prefer practicality without sacrificing functionality and reliability. It is set for release in the second quarter of 2015, but already anticipation for it is very high.


Things We Like About The Sony STR-DN1060

We have already made mention of how this device is multifunctional. That is only the tip of the iceberg. Once you get past the initial attraction, you will find that it has a lot more to offer than your ordinary receiver.

This 7.2 channel receiver is as powerful as they come, and that is largely thanks to how Sony designed it with an optimized chassis and circuitry. As a result, it produces clear and crisp audio that is pretty much unparalleled.

But that is not all. To offer more usability, the Sony STR-DN1060 also features HDMI 6-in/2-out flexibility since it provides HDCP 2.2 support. The interface is very friendly, so even those who are new to operating this type of device will not have a difficult time.

Users will also be able to enjoy listening to audio courtesy of Google Cast, and this is made much easier by its integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet port. This feature pairs quite nicely with Songpal Link, the multi-room streaming system developed by Sony. Now you can play 4K content using the Sony STR-DN1060.


Things We Did Not Like About The Sony STR-DN1060

The full features and specifications of the Sony STR-DN1060 have not yet been announced, so it is still difficult to tell at this point if it will have strikes against it.


As with the pricing, warranty and guarantee information are still unannounced as of this date.

Is The Sony STR-DN1060 Worth The Money?

As proven by Sony over the years, its receivers have become integral parts of every home entertainment system, and there is no doubt that the Sony STR-DN1060 will join the ranks of these devices.

Where Can I Buy The Sony STR-DN1060?

You are sure to find the Sony STR-DN1060 available for sale in various Sony and Sony-accredited stores and retailers. Amazon is one of the best websites where you can get your own unit, since they offer competitive pricing and other great deals such as Free Shipping.

Final Thoughts For The Sony STR-DN1060

For a midrange receiver, the Sony STR-DN1060 looks set to be one of the best receivers to come out in recent years. We look forward to checking out its features fully in the future when it is finally released.

Sony Experia (SGP612) Z3 Tablet-Product review

Sony, with its long standing reputation for top-of-the-line gadgets, now boasts a Sony Experia Z3 (SGP612) Tablet Compact with an 8-inch multi-touch screen. Powered by the Triluminous™ display for mobile, the Sony SGP612 Tablet is capable of displaying up to 16.7 million colors. It is built on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) operating system with a Qualcom® Snapdragon™ 2.5 GHz quad-core processor. It also has 32 gigabytes (GB) of storage capacity with an internal battery capable of storing 4500 mAh, which is estimated to run for an average of 8 hours. The tablet is slim and very light at 270g. The SGP612 tablet is also water resistant and dust proof.

How Much?

Sony Experia Z3 (SGP612) Tablet is priced at $422.17-$500 at

Who Would Buy This?

For people on the go who wants a portable, easy–to-use tablet with a great camera, this one’s perfect. This is also perfect for a traveller who needs a compact and slim tablet. Also for gamers who wants a portable screen for their Play Station 4, which is something that is not commonly found on other Android tablets.

Things We Like

• It’s slim (6.4mm thick to be exact) and narrow enough to fit in the backpocket of your jeans for convenience.

• You can hold it one hand for comfortability.

• Screen resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels) is amazing for watching movies when you’re stuck in the airport waiting for your flight.

• Suitable for web-browsing and e-book reading

• The design is sleek, attractive, relevant and neat.

• It is waterproof so no worries for spillage.

• Its processor makes all tasks like a walk in the park, easy and simple.

Things We Don’t Like

Sony has bundled a whole lot of extras which some are unnecessary and can take space in the tablet’s storage capacity. Fortunately, you can get rid of them and make a clean slate.


Sony offers a Protection Plus for their Android tablets wherein you can choose various service plans to insure your gadget from accidental drops, water damage, surge protection and technical problems.


Is It Worth The Money?

The Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (SGP612) is in step in most other ways with the rest of the best year’s tablets. The waterproof feature alone is one of the sure signs that it is worth your money at $422.17. Sleek, portable, user-friendly and you throw in the PS4 second screen feature for gamers out there; I say that’s enough reason to buy.

Where Can I Buy?

You can buy the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact in all Sony Stores as well as online sellers and trusted retailers. For great deals and discounts, Amazon is the best place to go.

Final Thoughts

With almost all of your friends and family on the internet today, connecting online is almost an essential. Not to mention applications that can help you bat boredom anytime. A tablet with great features, worth your time and money, I say the Sony Xperia Z3 tablet compact is a sure win.

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