Samsung Galaxy S6 mini-Product Review

The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is a compact version of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, boasting a powerful Octa Core processor, a 4.7 inch full HD Super AMOLED display and Gorilla Glass 4 technology, a 20 megapixel rear camera, and a 5 megapixel front facing camera.

How Much Is The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini?

Rumors peg the price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini at somewhere between $500.00 and $600.00.

Who Would Buy The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini?


Samsung has become one of the front runners and main players in the smartphone game, and it has grown a loyal and large following over the years. Thus, everyone is always looking forward to what this mammoth will churn out, and what innovations they will be packing into their smartphones next. The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is no exception. Many are excited about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, but not everyone is keen on how big it is, which is why the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is welcome news. It has the features that they want, and all in a smaller and more portable size!

Things We Like About The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini

The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini has all the features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 that we all love, except for one thing that the latter may not have: a more user-friendly size. Since it is a mini, it is expected to be more compact and grip-friendly, definitely a plus especially for those who prefer their gadgets to be more handy and space efficient.

The official list of features and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini has not yet been released, but many are already excited as tidbits are trickling out about its features. The camera, for example, is equipped with a retina scanner and accelerometer. The 20-megapixel rear camera, on the other hand, already makes photo enthusiasts excited at the image quality that it will produce.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is also said to be equipped with a 3 GB RAM which, coupled with an octa core processor, makes it a powerful smartphone. In fact, it could very well elevate the Mini to the rank of high end smartphones.

Things We Did Not Like Samsung Galaxy S6 mini

The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is set for release sometime in the second half of 2015, and the features and specifications are not yet fully out. Thus, it is still difficult to tell if it has less than satisfactory features.



No word has been released yet on the warranty and guarantee applicable to the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini.

Is The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini Worth The Money?

At the moment, both the price and the specifications and features of the Mini are still vague or unclear. Once the official word is out, then it would be easier to make a judgment on whether it is worth buying or not.

Where Can I Buy The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini?

You may get the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini at any store or outlet that sells authentic Samsung smartphones and other merchandise. Amazon is the leading online source for this type of product and it may also be eligible for free shipping.

Final Thoughts For The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini

Anticipation is definitely up for the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini, and we cannot wait to find out more about it, or even get our hands on it once it has been officially released!

Sony PHA-1A Product Review

Sony has recently released the Sony PHA-1A, a portable and lightweight amplifier. The Sony PHA-1A has a sleek and compact design that will surely amplify and boost the sound and music from your portable players.

1 How Much

You can purchase the Sony PHA-1A for $299.99 on

Who Would Buy This?

People who loves music and who are always into impromptu partying at home will surely love the Sony PHA-1A. Those who enjoy blasting off sound from movies and videos will definitely love this portable and sleek DAC amplifier.

Things We Like

  • The Sony PHA-1A has the frequency range of 10Hz-100,000Hz, which is strong enough for a small and portable amplifier.

  • It supports different portable players with 3.5mm audio jack. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, you name it!

  • It is best partnered with headsets that has 600 ohm.

  • It’s very light at 145 grams.

  • The battery life is superb. It runs for an average of 6 hours.

  • It is sturdy, thanks to its aluminum enclosure.

  • The Sony PHA-1A can also act as an external sound card when plugged into the USB port of a laptop or a desktop computer.

  • It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices.

  • The Sony PHA-1A supports audio formats up to 192kHz/24 bit.

  • It’s easy to use. All ports are arranged in one spot with the volume controller at the top.

  • It has a futuristic look.

  • The operational and headphone amps are also separated perfectly, thanks to the Solid Sound: Wolfson DAC equipped on the Sony PHA-1A.

  • It is a relatively small amplifier measuring at 3.6 x 2.6 x 7.1 inches.

  • It produces a three-dimensional, natural, and well-balanced sound.

  • It is best when it is paired with the Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 and MDR-1A Headphone.

  • The Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) technology equipped on the Sony PHA-1A enhances sound volume, which is 6.5 times better than ordinary CD players.

  • The Sony PHA-1A is also capable of picking up on subtle nuances allowing the listener to experience a greater emotional depth.

  • It has low distortion due to its output capacitor-less amplifier.

  • The Sony PHA-1A can also deliver mid-range to high-range of sound.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The Sony PHA-1A is costly when compared to other portable headset amplifiers.

  • It doesn’t have covers to its USB ports.


With Sony, a huge name in the sound and photo technology, you will surely feel the guarantee of the Sony PHA-1A.



Is It Worth The Money?

It’s definitely worth the money. With an ultrathin amplifier capable of producing high quality sounds, you will never have to worry about the investment.

Where Can I Buy?

The Sony PHA-1A can be purchased at official Sony stores and accredited retailers across the globe. For cheaper deals, check the Sony PHA-1A on


Final Thoughts

A must-have portable and lightweight DAC amplifier, the Sony PHA-1A will surely heighten up the level of one’s listening experience. The Sony PHA-1A is indeed a great partner to any portable music devices especially with other Sony devices like headphones and Walkman series.

Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V-Product Review

The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V combines many of every adventurer’s favorite things: a sports action camera, 4K quality, Wi-Fi and GPS functionalities, all packed in a heavy-duty high-performance body and a waterproof case.

1 How Much Is The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V?

This action cam from Sony has a suggested retail price of $499.00.




Who Would Buy The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V?

Sports enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors are now making it a point to document their activities and adventures using cameras. However, more often than not, what they are able to capture does not even come close to the real thing. It’s not clear enough, or the action is not captured as vividly as they want. Worse, the captured moments are not rendered as well as they had hoped. With the Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V, those concerns are greatly minimized and even eliminated. They can now watch those adventures come to life over and over again, thanks to this action camera’s fool-proof performance.

Things We Like About The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V

An action camera with limited features is not an investment worth making. Fortunately, the Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V is packed with so many features and functionalities that would make every action lover’s mouth water.

Sony incorporated its ultra-efficient XAVC S codec in this camera, so it is able to record videos at 4k 100Mbps, something that other action cameras cannot even claim to be able to do. The 4k video is of such great quality that the results look like they have been taken by a pro.

It also lives up to its name of being an action camera, since it can perform even when in motion. Blurring is often a problem with these types of cameras, but the FDR-X1000V rectified that with its built-in image stabilization, the SteadyShot. On top of that, image quality is not compromised, because it also comes with white balance control and exposure compensation.

The ultra-wide ZEISS Tessar lens also allows a panoramic 170-degree viewing angle, and the Exmor R CMOS sensor makes it ideal even for shooting in dark settings.

9Things We Did Not Like About The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V

Several have already complained how the droplets of water can smear the lens casing, but that is just a minor gripe.


The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V is covered by Sony’s standard manufacturer’s warranty for both parts and labor.

Is The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V Worth The Money?

At its price, it can go head to head with even the existing action and sports cameras, and come out on top with its outstanding features. So, yes, it definitely is worth the money.

Where Can I Buy The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V?

Electronics stores and other stores selling cameras are sure to have the Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V on their shelves. Of course, you can also refer to online stores. Amazon is one such store, offering products at competitive prices and even throwing in Free Shipping along with it!


Final Thoughts For The Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V

When it comes to design, features, performance and image quality, the Sony Sports Camera FDR-X1000V definitely delivers, and we should all pay attention!

Sony Smartwatch SWR50B

In the past, smartphone watches were only seen in the movies. In recent years, however, they have become actual products, much to our delight. With the Sony Smartwatch SWR50B – Sony’s third smartwatch – we are given another treat, a smartphone watch that is powered by Android Wear.

How Much Is The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B?


Who Would Buy The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B?

Sometimes a smartphone can be described as an impersonal tool. The same could be said for a wristwatch. The combination of the two devices in this 3rd SmartWatch from Sony manages to deflect that, claiming that it provides a “contextual and personal” experience. Those who would like to get the functionalities of a smartphone and a wristwatch in one stylish unit will not think twice about getting this product.


Things We Like About The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B

This particular unit boasts a “fitness” design, meaning it is something that active individuals would want when they are working out, running, or performing other physical fitness activities. Therefore, it is resistant to sweat and it is also waterproof.

But that does not mean it is limited for their use only. It is so stylish, so it will also work for others, even if they are not actively doing anything.

The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B has a built-in GPS, so users can track everything – yes, even without their smartphone on hand.

We also love how it is able to play music via Bluetooth. Just plug in a pair of Bluetooth headphones to your watch, activate the Walkman app (which is already built into the watch), and you can start enjoying music while running, or doing whatever you are doing.

The 4GB storage is also very impressive, so you can pretty much fill it up with lots of music and other apps. You don’t have to worry about performance, since it has a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor.


Things We Did Not Like About The Sony KDL-55W850C

It already has a fitness design. However, it lacks a Heart Rate Tracking feature. Now that would have been another excellent selling point if it were present.


Complete details on the applicable warranty for the Sony Smartwatch SWR50B have not yet been released. However, Sony is known to provide warranty for its products.

Is The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B Worth The Money?

Once the price is out, we will know for sure if it is worth the money. Until then, watch this space for updates.

Where Can I Buy The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B?

Stores selling fitness equipment and accessories are sure to have the Sony Smartwatch SWR50B in their product lineup. We would also recommend Amazon as a good website to check out. Not only do they have excellent customer service and support; they also offer great deals for customers. One of them is the Free Shipping promo.

Final Thoughts For The Sony Smartwatch SWR50B

Get empowered with the more powerful and ever-reliable Sony Smartwatch SWR50B!

Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV Review

Product Review – Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV

The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV is one of the latest among Sony’s line of advanced and ultra-slim TVs. It’s also the biggest in the XBR range, loud and proud with its 75-inch screen and the “X1” processor, another 4k innovation from Sony.

How Much?


Sony has not yet made any formal announcements regarding the price and availability of this Android TV.


Who Would Buy The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV?

Android users will definitely have a blast being able to enjoy their preferred platform on a television. Discerning viewers who want things bigger and better are sure to enjoy watching their favorite content on this 75-inch 4K high-definition TV.

Things We Like About The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV

3The use of Google’s Android platform is one of the best things about the Sony XBR-75X900C. It opens a lot of doors and expanding one’s viewing repertoire, since there is more access to viewing content.

For example, Google Cast, a recent innovation from Google, allows users to steam audio from cloud sources directly into devices that have been enabled with Google Cast. Since Sony configured the XBR-75X900C as one of these Google Cast-ready devices, it also comes with this capability.

Let us not also discount its size. At 75 inches, the 4k resolution is going to be more pronounced and better than ever – sharper, clearer and more precise – thanks to the newest 4K processor”. On top of what is already a superior picture quality, this processor allows viewers to make the most of this unit’s upscaled resolution, vibrant colors and clear and dynamic images.

The ultra-friendly “One-flick entertainment” user interface is also featured in this model, making it every user’s dream TV.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV

Right now, it is difficult to tell if there is anything not to like about the XBR-75X900C. Some are bound to think it’s too big, while others are already anticipating that it is going to come with a pretty heavy price tag. Until the announcement has been made, however, we will hold our judgments.


Knowing Sony, this product is sure to come with the appropriate warranties and product guarantee, especially against manufacturing defects.

Is The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV Worth The Money?

Sometimes, bigger is better. Many people are still willing to shell out significant amounts of money for quality and what is guaranteed to be a highly satisfying experience. There is no doubt that, once it is out this 2015, the Sony XBR-75900C 4K HD TV, with its Android TV platform, is going to be worth every cent spent on it.

Where Can I Buy The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV?

Expect the XBR-75X900C to hit major stores this year. It is also going to be available on Amazon, and is even likely to qualify for free shipping.

Final Thoughts For The Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV

Sony continues on its commitment to give everyone an excellent viewing experience, outdoing itself at every turn, and one solid proof of that is the Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV.

Sony XBR-X930C-Product Review


The Sony XBR-X930C is one of the standouts in Sony’s latest line of new 4K Ultra HD TVs. It boasts a sleek and ultra-slim 65-inch and supports Google’s Android TV operating system.

How Much Is The Sony XBR-X930C?

Although the Sony XBR-X930C will be available in spring of 2015, pricing has not yet been announced.

Who Would Buy The Sony XBR-X930C?

Fans of 4K video technology will definitely want to get their hands on the Sony XBR-X930C. Of course, the influx of Android TVs has also made Android fans and users stand at attention, seeing as they can have another, quite possibly, better, chance of enjoying their favorite platform other than their smartphones and tablets.




Things We Like About The Sony XBR-X930C

Sony definitely excels in the 4K field, so we can be sure that the Sony XBR-X930C will deliver in spades in this arena. Sony equipped this unit with its new and powerful 4K Processor X1 engine. The result is heightened accuracy in color and greater clarity, whether it is playing 4K video or just HD video. Color accuracy is courtesy of another Sony signature technology, the TRILUMINOS display. Thanks to Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range technology, contrast is also better than ever.

The Android TV platform certainly does wonders for everyone’s viewing experience. With the Sony XBR-X930C making use of this operating system, viewers can now take advantage of video streaming and even gaming through their TV. Another advantage they can enjoy is its Voice Search feature.

Audio is crisp and clear, thanks to the Sony XBR-X930C’s Hi-Res audio. It has front-facing speakers, so sound is conveyed to maximum effect to viewers.

The 65-inch screen is just the right size. Some may find anything lower than 60 inches to be too small, but they are also unwilling to purchase one as humongous as a 75-inch TV. With the Sony XBR-X930C, they get to have the optimal size for the viewing experience.



Things We Did Not Like About The Sony XBR-X930C

Since the pricing is still unknown, we cannot really tell if there are things not to like about this product.


Sony has not yet released any official statements or announcements regarding guarantees and product warranties applicable to the Sony XBR-X930C.

Is The Sony XBR-X930C Worth The Money?

We don’t know how much the Sony XBR-X930C is going to be sold for, but judging from previous Sony releases, it is safe to say that this unit will also be competitively priced.



Where Can I Buy The Sony XBR-X930C?

Sony is sure to make the Sony XBR-X930C available in all its major stores, as well as affiliated and trusted retailers. Online stores will also have this on stock, and one of the most reliable online names is Amazon. If you’re lucky, you may even score this unit with Free Shipping, saving you a lot of money!

Final Thoughts For The Sony XBR-X930C

We look forward to knowing more about the Sony XBR-X930C in the days to come, and to welcoming it in our living rooms to upgrade our viewing habits!

Samsung Flex Duo Range (NE59J7850WS)-Review

Samsung, with its advanced innovation for top-of-the-line domestic appliances now brings us the Samsung Flex Duo Range NE59J7850WS. Boasting a 5.9 cubic foot capacity, the Samsung NE59J7850WS can be used as a single or double oven. It has a “Dual Door” feature that allows the users to open just the top half of the oven. And because of its Flex Duo technology, it can be divided into two ovens with a 2.6 cubic foot capacity for upper portion and 3.1 cubic foot capacity for lower section. It has five burners up top for electric cooking that include a bridge burner and a burner that you can easily adjust in three different sizes. With its stainless steel finish, the Samsung NE59J7850WS adds sophistication to your home.


Who would buy this?

This would be a great addition to a restaurant’s kitchen for preparing delectable to a connoisseur of food. Chefs, wanna be chefs, people who want to learn to cook – this is one mighty tool to add to your culinary journey.










Things We Like

• It has convection fans for both the top and bottom halves of the oven that allow even heating and better browning and baking.

• The new door is designed specifically for users who opted using the top half of the oven almost exclusively for faster pre-heat times and better energy efficiency.

• The SteamQuick Technology, in 20 minutes with just 10 ounces of water and a quick wipe, allows you to clean up light-duty messes with absolutely no chemicals and no odor.

• No more meals getting cold with a built-in, three setting warmer drawer.

• You can keep an eye on your mouth-watering dishes with its extra-large oven windows.

• For convenient cooking, it also has a twin display glass touch control that provides separate control for lower and upper oven.

• It has 2 oven racks with 7 rack positions.

• Has digital oven controls and clock.








Things We Don’t Like

As of the moment, there is no gas version of the Samsung Flex Duo Range NE59J7850WS. Other than that, this is a premium appliance for cooking, one you’d love to have on your kitchen.


It has a one year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labour. And comes along with a manual and power cable. You can also contact the manufacturer or visit their website for more information about the Manufacturer’s Warranty.


Is it Worth The Money?

For those with a passion for cooking and baking, the Samsung NE59J7850WS is the perfect companion for your culinary creations. Even for those with minimal interest for cooking, the NE59J7850WS will make cooking easy, simple and convenient. So it’s definitely worth the money you put into it.

Where Can I Buy?

The Samsung NE59J7850WS is available at any official and accredited Samsung stores across the globe.

Final Thoughts

Convenient, versatile,simple, easy to use, these are the things we constantly need in our daily life in these fast-paced world. And the Samsung NE59J7850WS definitely has all these.

Powerbot VR9000-Product Review

 Powerbot VR9000

Adding more units to its range of household electronic products, Samsung has now unveiled a robot vacuum cleaner with Powerbot VR9000. With a cleaning speed at 0.32 m/sec, the Powerbot VR9000 is 60 times more powerful than the average vacuum cleaners. It has a charging time of 160 minutes and a battery life of approximately 60 minutes. It has 10 complex sensors and a camera mounted on the front. The Powerbot VR9000’s dust capacity is 0.7 liters while the width of its brush is 311 mm.


How Much?

The price of Powerbot VR9000 is not available at this time.

Who Would Buy This?

People who love to get the cleaning done faster than the average would love to have the Powerbot VR9000. Likewise, for those who wanted to do other stuff while cleaning will also love this product. The Powerbot VR9000 can clean the room by itself. So, you can do other stuff while the Powerbot VR9000 does its job.

Things We Like

Equipped with the Samsung Inverter Technology, the Powerbot VR9000 is a cleaner that can suck up dirt 60 times more than conventional robot vacuums. Moreover, the Powerbot VR9000 has the CycloneForce technology that can lessens the chance of filter clogging over time. Clogging might lead to severe damages. The enlarged drum brush and side brushes of Powerbot VR9000 will let you clean annoying corners faster and easier. The Powerbot VR9000 has about 10 sensors including the FullView sensors to memorize, navigate and find obstacles in a room; letting you leave this robot vacuum to clean the area while you do other stuff. It does have a remote control so you don’t need to go to the product and make necessary adjustments in the settings of the Powerbot VR9000. It is pretty good in cleaning up dust and fibers on carpets too.


Things We Don’t Like

The Powerbot VR9000 is heavy so it might be a quite a hassle if you transfer the vacuum from one place to another. It doesn’t have the capacity to clean the stairs yet. Moreover, the Powerbot VR9000 keeps on cleaning even if the drum is already full. Apart from being heavy, the Powerbot VR9000 is quite loud with a noise level at 76dBA.


The brand name itself is a guarantee that this powerful robot vacuum will be a good addition in your household appliances.

Is It Worth The Money?

For a robot vacuum that can be controlled remotely and can do the job on its own is definitely worth the money.

Where Can I Buy?

The Powerbot VR9000 is available at any official Samsung store. Also, you can get them at different accredited retailers worldwide. For the best deals, be sure to check the product listings on Amazon.


Final Thoughts

The Powerbot VR9000 will definitely lessen the load of cleaning an entire area. With its capacity to the job on its own and can be controlled remotely is a great feature that every household will enjoy. Powerful sucking technology and fast cleaning ability, what else will you ask for? Go and check the Powerbot VR9000 now!


Sony Experia (SGP612) Z3 Tablet-Product review

Product review – Sony Experia (SGP612) Z3 Tablet

Sony, with its long standing reputation for top-of-the-line gadgets, now boasts a Sony Experia Z3 (SGP612) Tablet Compact with an 8-inch multi-touch screen. Powered by the Triluminous™ display for mobile, the Sony SGP612 Tablet is capable of displaying up to 16.7 million colors. It is built on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) operating system with a Qualcom® Snapdragon™ 2.5 GHz quad-core processor. It also has 32 gigabytes (GB) of storage capacity with an internal battery capable of storing 4500 mAh, which is estimated to run for an average of 8 hours. The tablet is slim and very light at 270g. The SGP612 tablet is also water resistant and dust proof.

How Much?

Sony Experia Z3 (SGP612) Tablet is priced at $422.17-$500 at Amazon





Who Would Buy This?

For people on the go who wants a portable, easy–to-use tablet with a great camera, this one’s perfect. This is also perfect for a traveller who needs a compact and slim tablet. Also for gamers who wants a portable screen for their Play Station 4, which is something that is not commonly found on other Android tablets.

Things We Like

• It’s slim (6.4mm thick to be exact) and narrow enough to fit in the backpocket of your jeans for convenience.

• You can hold it one hand for comfortability.

• Screen resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels) is amazing for watching movies when you’re stuck in the airport waiting for your flight.

• Suitable for web-browsing and e-book reading

• The design is sleek, attractive, relevant and neat.

• It is waterproof so no worries for spillage.

• Its processor makes all tasks like a walk in the park, easy and simple.









Things We Don’t Like

Sony has bundled a whole lot of extras which some are unnecessary and can take space in the tablet’s storage capacity. Fortunately, you can get rid of them and make a clean slate.


Sony offers a Protection Plus for their Android tablets wherein you can choose various service plans to insure your gadget from accidental drops, water damage, surege protection and technical problems.


Is It Worth The Money?

The Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (SGP612) is in step in most other ways with the rest of the best year’s tablets. The waterproof feature alone is one of the sure signs that it is worth your money at $422.17. Sleek, portable, user-friendly and you throw in the PS4 second screen feature for gamers out there; I say that’s enough reason to buy.

Where Can I Buy?

You can buy the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact in all Sony Stores as well as online sellers and trusted retailers. For great deals and discounts, Amazon is the best place to go.

Final Thoughts

With almost all of your friends and family on the internet today, connecting online is almost an essential. Not to mention applications that can help you bat boredom anytime. A tablet with great features, worth your time and money, I say the Sony Xperia Z3 tablet compact is a sure win.

Product Review – Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt

With the Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt, you can now use your smartphone as your key. It is made for everyone’s convenience and superior security, thanks to its touch to open functionality and Smartkey deadbolt cylinder.

How Much Is The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt?

This Bluetooth electronic lock is currently priced at $213.24

Who Would Buy The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt?

One can never put a price on safety and security. What was once considered a luxury is now a necessity, and more and more people are becoming serious in investing in the security of their homes and places of business. The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt takes that one step further by offering conveniences and user-friendly features. Majority of the population now relies heavily on their smartphone for their everyday transactions, and integrating security with that technology through this Kwikset product definitely makes it a prized product for many.


Things We Like About The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt

The best feature of this Bluetooth enabled deadbolt is the convenience it offers. No more fumbling of locks, since it now offers touch to open convenience. Aside from turning smartphones into keys, it also allows sharing of eKeys as well as receiving of notifications through the Kevo Mobile App.

A gripe among many is how some apps require internet connection for them to work. Fortunately, the Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt is very easy to install and does not require connection to the internet. It also comes with Kevo Fob, which is highly appreciated by those that are not too keen about using smartphones.

Of course, security is definitely topnotch, and that is mainly thanks to the proprietary SmartKey deadbolt cylinder built into this product.

Things We Did Not Like About the Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt

Some users initially had problems about smartphone compatibility. There are those who were not too happy with having to do some calibration, but once it’s done, it works like a dream.


The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt comes with a 1 year electronic warranty against defects and workmanship. It is also covered by a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.

Is The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt Worth The Money?

As mentioned earlier, you cannot put a price on your safety and security. For the price of the Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt, it is definitely an investment worth making.





Where Can I Buy The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt?

You can buy the Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt from recognized retailers and distributors of Kevo products. One of the online retailers where this particular model is available is With their competitive pricing, impressive customer service, discount offerings and other promos such as Free Shipping, you will get more than your money’s worth!

Final Thoughts For The Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt

Stay – and feel – safe and secure with the Kwikset 925 Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt!

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